So when I’m feeling down in the dumps, some of the things I have found that help, are being creative, doing something for someone else, hearing an inspiring story, or connecting with my spiritual core (I collect all kinds of spiritual pendents, amulets and charms…cause…I figure I can use all the help I can get.)

I’m combining all those here and giving away one of my handmade necklaces for free.  One day I plan on opening an Etsy store …but until then these little guys are just sitting around and are in need of a pretty neck to hang onto.  You could be the one to choose which one from the choices below.  Free shipping too!  Just let me know where you want it sent.

Tell me one of the hardest things you’ve been through in your life and what you’ve learned or how you’ve healed from the experience.

Check out the pieces below and let me know if any of them speak to you.  I’ll pick the new owner of one of these pieces sometime in the next week.

Choice #1

A sterling silver Ichthys (also known as a Jesus fish).  I won this sweet little charm on an ebay auction.  The small little silver charm in the upper left is a lotus flower.


Choice #2

A sterling silver Shield of David (also known as a Star of David).  There’s also a small little lotus flower on this one in the upper left corner.  Won this charm at an auction on ebay as well.


Choice #3

A pale pink Our Lady of Guadalupe pendent.  I also won her at auction on ebay.  So very sweet…I just fell in love with her.


Choice #4

A soapstone pendent that looks like a Mandala.  Soapstone helps to “widen ones horizons” and assist in times of change. It allows us to be ready for new situations & challenges.  Mandalas come from both Hinduism and Buddhism and signify the universe.


Choice #5

A pale green Hindu Ganesha necklace.  Lord Ganesha is the god of beginnings, knowledge, wisdom.  As the remover of obstacles, He is one of my favorite spiritual symbols.


Choice #6

A pale pink and black Ganesha.  Thought I’d throw two Ganesha’s in there…facing lots of obstacles right now that need removing.


Looking forward to hearing your stories of strength, hope and healing!



The good in me is inspired by the good in you!


  1. calleigh says:

    The hardest thing I’ve been thru was my divorice. I had to find out who I was again, which led to my depression, which led to meds, not pretty. Ive learned I am worth loving. How have I healed from my divorice just figuring out what I enjoy: gardening, reading, movies, cleaning, and finding my faith again.

  2. karaleelbechtol says:

    Hi Calleigh, life can be very difficult, but there is always a nugget of growth in each experience if we are patient and look for it. Thank you for sharing your story of faith, worth and self love. I will be sending out a necklace by the end of the week. Is there one that you prefer?

  3. Lisa B. says:

    I like your symbolism. You didn’t mention about the lotus flower, so perhaps you didn’t know – it’s one of the symbols of The Goddess. Isn’t that cool?

    You’re welcome.

  4. karaleelbechtol says:

    I didn’t know it symbolized The Goddess. Thank you for that info. I knew it grows in mud and symbolizes strength and purity (rising above the muck). Thanks again!

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