How to See Through the Lens of Laughter

Finding Your Funny Bone

Growing up I was a pretty serious child.   I was raised by two Ph.D.’s and they were not doctors of comedy. I had a really smart older brother. Like tested super high smart…got into UCLA based solely on his high test scores smart. I was not a great test taker so I never thought I was all that smart. I also couldn’t really follow witty humour until, when, I was much older, I found my funny bone. Now that I found it, though, I can’t stop laughing.  Now I can follow wicked, witty humour really well. The blogger The Blogess makes me laugh just about harder than any one. Here’s her latest post about the Jolly Green Giant.

I am reading her book right now Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, and my husband’s funny bone is getting a work out just laughing at me laughing while I spit snot out my nose as I try to read it to him. And it’s not that I don’t focus on the seriousness that is life anymore. Cause life is serious, and that seriousness definitley requires focus at times. It’s just that I see things from various angles now. And some angles are frickin’ hilarious.

Wear Your Own Unique Lense

Different people have different capacities for seeing different things. We all wear our own unique lenses.   We see things through our own individual filters. But it’s been interesting having the opportunity to change my glasses midway through life. I find humour everywhere now…where before I just saw the serious.

Now that I think about it, it’s like I got a new prescription for my 40’s, and they’re bifocals. I can see both the serious things that need attention and the absurdity there is in everything on earth.

But seriously, is the Jolly Green Giant’s ball sac just two huge, wrinkled, sweaty, sweet smelling peas? I seriously want to know!


Sometimes there’s just not enough information to save us from

unanswered questions.

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