A Guide to the Greatest Generation


Who’s Surpassing Who

I’ve heard it predicted that this up and coming generation is going to be the first generation that doesn’t surpass the preceding generation. Tom Brokah wrote a book called The Greatest Generation. I think I’ll need to soon write a book called The Greatest of the Greatest Generations…cause I think this next generation I’m helping to raise is pretty great.

My daughters, and their friends, and the youth I work with amaze me every single day. And I ‘m pretty blessed because I don’t feel like with my daughters I end up doing that much “raising”. I do a lot more witnessing. Sure…the occasional disciplinary action is required with daughters only a year a part who share a bedroom. But for the most part I just get to sit on the sidelines and watch this amazing game play out. The game of love takes a lot of fascinating twists and turns and I like to watch closely so I don’t miss anything.

I could tell from the time she was a tiny infant that my older daughter was going to surpass me. When she was about 7 months old she was propped up on the arm of the couch (because she was barely sitting up on her own at that point), and she was pulling at a tiny string that had come loose on the fabric. She was barely starting to fine-tune her fine motor skills…but that girl was trying with all her might to figure that string out. I watched her try her hardest to pull and turn and look and study. She wanted to know how that string worked…and she’s been like that with everything she’s done ever since.

Waiting to Start Work

She’s a quiet, wise, old soul and she’s got it together like a hundred times more than I did at her age. I started working when I was 15 and worked full-time through my bachelors and masters degrees to put myself through college without much debt. I didn’t want the same for my daughters. I wanted them to be able to relax a little bit and more fully enjoy their high school and college experiences. So when my daughter got scouted by a fashion photographer and decided she wanted to get a work permit at 14 and start a modeling career…I kind of cringed. (I cringed for other reasons too….modeling has been a hard thing for me to wrap my brain around. But the more I relax and learn to be OK with the fact that some things haven’t yet entirely broken free of their packaging, the better the experience goes for the both of us.)

Master Manifester

How she keeps straight A’s with AP classes to boot, helps head up her varsity swim team as a freshman and works is beyond me. My two girls are like leaps and bounds ahead in surpassing me. They are like master manifesters and are getting really great at creating the lives they want for themselves…and I just love sitting there and loving it.

Out of all the great qualities Chloe has, her tendency to break out in song at the funniest moments is one of my favorites. She’s not ostentasous or loud about it (except when she’s purposely trying to annoy her sister). She’s usually very subtle and the words come out just barely above a whisper…a low hum. The other day the four of us were sitting in the car at a stop light in the middle of a conversation and my husband and I noticed her quiet little singing voice from the back seat singing “Purple shirt….purple shirt. Guy in a puuuuur-ple shiiiiirt.”

And right as she finished singing a guy in a suit with a pastel purple shirt walked in front of our car at the stoplight. We burst out laughing because the melody and the timing of her song was so funny.

Singing Brains

My daughter has been doing this since she was small. When she was about four I made her breakfast, which consisted of a slice of wheat bread slathered in butter and a bowl of strawberries. She said to me, “This food is so good it makes my brain sing.”

My brain does a lot of funny things, but things don’t usually make it sing. Apparently it happens with her on a regular basis. And if I listen closely enough, I get a glimpse of the melody from time to time.  She is a beautiful soul inside and out…and that beauty cuts me to the core every time I take the time to really witness it.



Souls are a double edged sword.

2 thoughts on “A Guide to the Greatest Generation

  1. Yeah, that idea of “greatest generations” and especially one generation surpassing or not surpassing another really needs some qualification. Your daughters sound lovely, thank you for sharing a glimpse of them with us!

  2. karaleelbechtol says:

    I definitely have fun with my girls. There are challenges, but such it the role of parenting. There are great things about each generation…and there’s probably always room for improvement. Don’t think anything will ever be perfectly perfect. Thank you so much for commenting!

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