The Lord Rises (Happy Easter!)

So I try to go walking while I’m at work two or three times a day. It clears my head and gets my back moving (which stiffens up from a 20 year old skiing injury.) There’s a nice man I often run into on the way and we always stop and chat. I’ve assumed that he is homeless. He just kind of has that look. He always tells me how beautiful I am even thought he has thick cataracts covering each eye.

One day I was almost done with my walk and I heard him yelling after me. I turned and he was running down the street with something in his hands, arms outstretched. When he neared me he handed me a small plastic box with a cross and a rosary inside and said, “This has been for you.”

I broke out in a huge grin as tingles spread throughout my body. He said, “I’ve been saving this for you. “ I nodded my head and thanked him, still smiling from ear to ear. We hugged and I continued on, staring at the gift in my hands. It’s one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve ever received and I showed it to my staff when I got back to the office. They knowlingly nodded and said, “It’s a sign.”

I smiled and said yes. I told them about a jewelry line I had been working on and planned to launch on Etsy called Wise Woman Wares. It is based on the rosary concept, with various spiritual amulets and charms as the rosary focal point.

There are beautiful signs everywhere we look in this world. Signs that we are loved more than we realize. The Lord rises up in the strangest places every moment of every day. And I am grateful.

May you have a most beautiful and blessed Easter morning as The Lord rises for you.


The love in me toasts to the love in The Lord.  Cheers!







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